10 easy & effective ways to improve your website

In this modern-day and age of technology, having a business, and having a website almost go hand in hand. The first thing people do when they need a product or a service is take to the internet and if your brand isn’t online you could be missing out on leads that you may have otherwise secured.

Historically, websites were plain and simple but this is no longer the case, active and creative websites are now the new norm. If your website does not match up to the quality of the service you look to provide then you could be setting a bad first impression. We often say “don’t judge a book by its cover but more often than not it’s what we all do.

Today, a high-quality website is considered a crucial part of any online marketing strategy. Big businesses and small businesses alike need engaging websites to match their brand or they run the risk of customers deciding not to invest their money and walking away.

Here are 10 effective ways to improve your website and get your website ready to start making sales.

Make use of CTA buttons

The first thing any good website designer will do is make use of “Call to Action” buttons, an effective CTA button will be eye-catching and point the traffic to key areas of your website. Filling your front page with images and animations will never be as effective as two or three strategically placed CTA buttons which focus on your business’s key selling points.

Social Network Links

Social media has rapidly become a major part of just about everyone’s life, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Linkedin, you likely have at least one if not all of these and so do your customers! If your brand doesn’t exist on social media then you don’t exist at all. By adding in attractive links to both share and like your page you can instantly redirect people to your social profiles.

Personalise the experience

If you want to be providing a bespoke and personalised service then your website should convey that. Stop using default resources and generic content and start to provide content that portrays itself as personalised as your service.

Be present

Assuming you have done everything right and your SEO is professionally optimised, then it is more than likely your customers will not find you home page on Google, but rather a page relating to the service they are looking for.

As a result of this, it is crucial that your branding is consistent throughout your website. Some of the more known examples of this are making sure your logo is visible on all pages, brand fonts, and brand colours.

By using these techniques and others like them, you can ensure your customer knows who the content belongs to and will navigate to the home page if they are interested in what you have to offer.

Customer Reviews

As a consumer, you know first-hand that customer reviews are everything, but are you using them to sell your product? The first thing we all do when looking to buy a product or service is take a look at the reviews of other customers who have purchased the solution before you. Why not add in a sliding reviews section or a reviews section under the product or service are a great way to showcase the quality of the service you provide.

Create your own slogan

No matter who you ask, any marketing or advertisement specialist worth their salt will tell you that a good slogan is worth more than a thousand words. A good slogan will become compounded with your brand name so that whenever someone thinks of you they will remember your slogan.

Make sure your layout is logical

If you have a well-designed website with CTA buttons and plenty of information with subpages and menus it can result in your users finding it hard to navigate. Remember to ensure that the layout of the content on your site is intuitive to ensure that people can find the information that they are looking for. Neglecting this aspect of your website’s design can mean that users get confused and overwhelmed and consequently, you may lose a client.

Minimise your useage of sliders

Sliders are a very attractive option for conveying information but the reality is that they are starting to die out. Nowadays people don’t have time to sit and read through each slide, rather they would prefer to watch a short video, which concisely details the information you are trying to get across.

Use images & text harmoniously

Making sure your text makes sense is seemingly an obvious part of website design, however more often than not, the images that accompany the text on a website don’t quite match up. It is vital that your entire website is coherent. By ensuring that you use relevant images you are guaranteeing that your reader can easily follow the information you are giving them.


Are you making use of these tips on your website? Would you like us to analyse your existing site or build you a perfect site to set your business off to a great start? Why not get in contact with us today for a no-obligation conversation!

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