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The number one question we are asked as a digital agency is “Can you improve our SEO”. The short answer is “Yes”, but the most important part of good SEO is well structured clean code and long-term content strategy.

Yoast SEO is a powerful plugin for WordPress which allows you to tailor the metadata for your page or post so that you are more effectively able to target keywords and in turn boost your SEO.

The SEO Benchmark

The SEO Benchmark is what we use to describe a page that has all of the standard elements optimised for a keyword. Every page on your site should have a unique page title, a unique page description, and a heading for the page using the <h1></h1> tags. This enables search engines such as Google to understand the subject of the page and ensure that it is indexed correctly.

In every site we create for our customers we will always make sure to include a title, description, and H1 for every page you have. What makes the Yoast SEO plugin so powerful is it allows you to tailor these to provide more specific information and focus on a specific subject.

There are 5 key sections that appear on the front-end of your website and are editable in the back end of every page. These sections are:

Page Title

The page title appears at the top of your browser window and is used when Google or other search engines display their results.

Page URL

This is what you see in the top address bar on your browser. The page URL is the unique location on your website where the specific page can be found. To start with this is created from the page title and hyphens are added in place of spaces.

H1 Title

As a standard, the H1 tag will be set to the same as the page title although this can be overridden with the assistance of a custom field. We highly recommend that you do this as it gives you the flexibility to write something more descriptive and a bit longer. As a general rule of thumb, you should only have one H1 per page and it should summarize the page content.


The description will actually never appear on your website’s front end, rather it is inserted into the code of the page so that search engines can read and index each page on your site. A good description should contain the keyword that you would want to appear for when people search on Google. It is also important that this is written for humans as Google will use this text on their results.

Key Words

A keyword phrase or a keyword should run throughout your page and appear multiple times. As with the description, this information is not used on your website page, rather used for search engine indexing.

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