Brand Design

What is brand design?

Brand design is all about bringing colours, fonts and graphic styles together to build up a brand style. This style should run throughout your website and any print work such as business cards to ensure that your business is instantly recognisable through any of the components.

What are the components?



Fonts are essential to any brands identity but it is important to choose the right one. A mechanic may have a slightly more bricky font whereas an artist may have a more flowing font. 



Getting a colour scheme together is vital to your brands identity. For example, when you think fireman you think red, you think Starbucks, you think green. These colours instantly identify your business.


Core Values

Now more than ever, the public is becoming more interested in where their favorite brands sit when it comes to important issues of today. We help you determine relevant values and advise on publicising them!



Slogans are great for reminding the public of your business and a good slogan will stick in your customers mind far longer than your name. “Every little helps” has become a common phrase and yet it was initially a slogan!


Memorable logo

This really does go without saying but the central part of any brand identity is a memorable logo! ASDA, Tesco, Disney… You know exactly what theirs are and its completely on purpose!


Brand Graphics

Brand graphics are key to your brands identity but it is important to make sure the style remains the same! Your customers will come to know this style as yours and will engage upon seeing it!