Top tips to Corona-proof your website

Coronavirus has affected people all around the world in many different ways. Stores are increasing their online sales as more and more customers are taking to the internet to find their usual products and B2B businesses are finding new ways of reaching new customers.

If you have neglected your B2B website over the years or need to have a makeover to accommodate the new post-COVID-19 business model so many of us have had to transition to, then here are 5 key steps to ensure you are sales-ready in response to this pandemic.


Be Honest


It seems obvious but being honest about what your business is doing during the pandemic is extremely important. If your business is one of those which have been forced to reduce their standard operations it is important to let your customers know. Implementing a floating banner which links to a more information page is a great way to do this! On the other hand, it is important to let people know that you are operating normally if you have been slightly less affected by the pandemic. Again, a floating banner is a great option.

Why You?


We have all done it, the internet is a crowded place with everyone trying to shout the loudest to be heard and it can be overwhelming. It is more important now, more than ever, to make sure people know exactly what you have to offer and exactly why they should choose you over the next google result. If you are unable to effectively convey what you do and why they should choose you then neither will your customers. Effective copy and effective layout of that copy is 80% of what it takes to ensure your site is ready for action.



Performing regular performance and functionality tests is extremely important. All it takes is one typo in the “to” section on your contact form or one broken link and you could potentially be losing leads and customers. You should check your online forms regularly to ensure that you are not losing out on any customers and by ensuring that your sales team follows up to these messages promptly you are giving yourself the best chance of securing the business.

Make a human available


If you are reading this article then you probably know first-hand how annoying it can be when you need to ask a question about something you have seen on a website, only to be faced with an automated chatbot or no contact options at all. Having a live chat feature that has the option to connect to your sales team or just having someone who can pick up the phone means you can answer those questions and secure a customer quickly.

Show off


Attending tradeshows are out of the question for the time being and having those face to face client meetings opens up potential risks during this pandemic. Why not show off your talent on your website? Websites are a great way to showcase your skills and by doing this you are also telling customers what you could do for them. The more your website conveys the benefits of your service the better return it will yield for you.

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