What is 3CX?

With the rise in requirement to work remotely it is essential to have a secure, flexible and effective telephony system. Keeping your agents online no matter where they are is essential to your business and 3CX is not only the best way to do it but is also one of the most economic solutions in the market!

Save Money with 3cx!

Whether you are a small, medium or enterprise business, we all like to save money! The initial licensing cost and the expansion costs are far lower than other PBX options on the market. Unlike traditional solutions, 3CX leverages modern server technology to allow you to expand without limitations!

Unlimited Extensions!

So you can scale as needed

Virtual Receptionist!

Press 1 for… 2 for…

Call recordings

Backed up daily

For the office, home and on the job!

3CX can be used on desktops/ laptops, tablets, mobiles and desk phones providing you with the ultimate solution for your business. Whether you are a call center or a technician out on the road; 3CX provides you with the ability to make calls from one unified phone number, regardless of your physical location!

Unlimited extensions!

Nothing is more important than the growth of your business which is why even the basic starter package of 3CX comes with unlimited extensions so you don’t have to choose between who gets a phone and who doesn’t! 10 to 10,000 extensions, it’s priced the same!

CRM Integration

For customer recognition and auto lead creation

Conference Calling

To keep your team connected at all times!

No hardware required

All software is cloud hosted for continutity

Get in contact for a full features list